How Do I Break Up With Someone? 11 Important Tips

There are few areas of life where I’d consider myself a “veteran,” but bad breakups are one of them. One time, on my way to break up with a girl, I messaged a friend telling him what I planned to do and asking for moral support. I was surprised when the response I received was “What the HELL???” Until, that...

Should We Break Up Because We’re Fighting?

At one point in our relationship, Renée and I fought multiple times a week. We fought on date nights, at public events, and even after church on Sundays. On Tuesday, we’d fight about a miscommunication, On Thursday, it would be some disagreement, and on Sunday, it might be an unintentionally hurtful remark that had been made. I love an organised...

10 Rules For Resolving Conflict In A Relationship

If you get your relationship inspiration from Instagram, you could be forgiven for thinking that the best relationships are conflict-free. We get sold a depiction of #relationshipgoals where couples are too busy taking photos in the sunset together to be fighting with each other.

6 Steps to Say “I’m Sorry”

“I’m sorry.” Seems straightforward, right? Those two little words certainly don’t seem to warrant a 2000+ word, 3 part, explanatory series. However, “I’m sorry”, by itself, usually isn’t enough.